Non alcoholic Christmas mulled wine
Virgin take at holiday's famous punch with a bit of a Swedish glogg inspiration. Orange, almonds, raisins and spices will warm you up better than alcohol!

Cherry juice 1L
Two oranges
Almonds - 50g
Raisins - 100g
Cinnamon - 1 stick plus 2-5 sticks for decoration
Cloves - 1 teaspoon
Cardamon - 3-4 pieces
Star anis - 4-5 pieces
Water - 200ml

Preparation time: 20 minutes
How to make it

Cut one orange and squeeze another one in the pot. Pour the juice in. I use non sugar one, because the raisins will give a lot of sweetness to the drink.
Put the rest of the ingredients in it and heat it on the stove top at low heat.

Let your mulled wine boil for 5 minutes and let it rest under the closed lid. The longer it rests, the more flavor it gets. War it up again when it cools down.
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